Some IT Numbers


According to the results of Harvey Nash’s 2007/08 Strategic Insights Survey, “In the next 12 months, more than half of all the technology leaders surveyed in this report will have moved jobs. With 23% already in their jobs for less than 12 months and a further 34% planning to move within the next 12 months, we could be about to witness one of the most dramatic migrations of technology leaders in recent times.”


The Robert Half Technology IT Hiring Index and Skills Report reports that of the 1,400 CIOs from companies across the United States with 100 or more employees surveyed 82 percent expect to maintain current information technology staff levels in the second quarter of 2008, 14 percent expect to add to staffing levels, and 2 percent foresee reductions.

Robert Half

Interesting to read concurrently with the Nash and Half reports is the Computing Research Association’s bulletin from March 1. The bulletin summarizes some data from the forthcoming The Taulbee Survey, “the principal source of information on the enrollment, production, and employment of Ph.D.s in computer science and computer engineering and in providing salary and demographic data for faculty in CS & CE in North America.” Information on graduate degrees will not be released until May, but undergraduate data has been released early. “According to HERI/UCLA, the percentage of incoming undergraduates among all degree-granting institutions who indicated they would major in CS declined by 70 percent between fall 2000 and 2005. Unsurprisingly, the number of students who declared their major in CS among the Ph.D.-granting departments surveyed by CRA also fell. After seven years of declines, the number of new CS majors in fall 2007 was half of what it was in fall 2000 (15,958 versus 7,915). Nevertheless, the number of new majors was flat in 2006 and slightly increased in 2007. This might indicate that interest is stabilizing.”






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